We chat about Episode 5 of Sleepy Hollow, “The Weeping Lady,” recapping Abbie and Ichabod against a jealous ghost from the past who will endanger not just Ichabod, but everyone he is close to.

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This week was once again light on the cast, with Irving again absent and Jenny making only a brief appearance. But we were rewarded with some nice character growth, specifically from the trio of Katrina, Abraham and Henry. We discuss their increasingly turbulent relationship and what it might mean to Katrina and Ichabod in the long run.

Nick Hawley was prominent once again this week and lucky for the team he was, because the Weeping Lady might seem like a light villain, but she can cause serious harm and the stakes are set high right at the start.

Overall, we thought this was another solid entry in this slightly slower season. It was great seeing a more complex relationship between Abraham and Katrina and trouble between Henry and Abraham – and how better to end then Moloch having a friendly little chat with Henry.