We chat about Episode 4 of Sleepy Hollow, Go Where I Send Thee…, recapping Abbie and Ichabod facing a Pied Piper who has cursed a local family with connections to Abbie. Meanwhile, Irving is still in Tarrytown Psychiatric and finally confronts Henry about their earlier deal.

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This week we saw Abbie and Ichabod out on their own with Jenny, Sheriff Reyes, Katrina, and Abraham all getting the week off. With their troops thin, Abbie and Ichabod recruit privateer Nick Hawley to help against this weeks foe, a Pied Piper.

There was a neat little story inside this monster of the week episode. A cursed family that is struck with a terrible choice and a monster out of fairy tales. That said, the monster was only so interesting and worked best when he was behind swirling visual effects.

Former Captain Irving remains in Tarrytown, but we both loved his two small scenes. Seeing him fight in a black T-shirt and bandana in a future apocalypse was a ball of fun, and his closing realization about the deal he struck with Henry is a nice close to what is basically a filler episode.

Finally, we talk a bit about the challenge the show has moving from a short 13 episode season last year to a full season. They are going to have to find a way to have solid filler episodes going forward.