We chat about Episode 3 of Sleepy Hollow, Root of All Evil, recapping Abbie and Ichabod facing the a more subtle attack. One someone connected to both Benedict Arnold and Judas.

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This week we saw Abbie and the gang face some heavy times. Emotions ran hot throughout the episode as Henry put some fabled coins into circulation that amplified peoples worse thoughts. Things were already turned up after Jenny found Abby had withheld a connection between Reyes, the troublesome new Sheriff, and Abbie and Jenny’s mother. We loved all the great scenes this gave us, from Jenny’s rightful indignation to Abbie breaking down about her mother’s tragic end. Overall, this episode gave us some of the best character work the show has seen.

Yet, no episode of Sleepy Hollow is complete without some type of historical connection. This week we went further back than just the revolutionary war as we found out the 30 pieces of silver from the story of Judas Iscariot were in the hands of Henry, the Horseman of War. But these corrupting coins don’t just pop up today. No, they were in the hands of Benedict Arnold and were the reason for his betrayal. Because … Sleepy Hollow.

Finally, we chatted about Irving in Terry Town psychiatric, where Henry is trying to prevent Abbie and Ichabod from talking to their former Captain. We both loved the bit of foolery that Ichabod uses to get a quick chat. Though at the end, we aren’t sure which side Irving will choose. His freedom and family are held in dark hands.