We chat about Sleepy Hollow episode 8 “Heartless”. Abbie and Ichabod face another of Henry’s monsters, this time it’s a Succubus and she is after souls. But where are the souls going after she sucks them up?

Katrina is finally free, but Abbie and Ichabod are still trying to figure out how to move forward. This episode once again addressed the issue of love and trust between Katrina and Ichabod. Katrina feels she must fight for Henry and believes his actions are driven by the madness of Moloch while Abbie keeps reminding her that he is also the Horseman of War and has shown very little to earn any favor with our scooby gang.

We enjoyed most of this episode, but once again the cast was thin. None of the side characters appeared in this episode beyond Nick Hawley. No Jenny, Irving or Sheriff Reyes. It also had a frustrating ending that seemed to take a few steps backwards. Yet, this was still a fun episode with a lot of nice character work from Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison and Katia Winter.