We chat about Episode 7 of Sleepy Hollow, “Deliverance.” Katrina is in peril from another curse by Henry, with a dangerous bun in the oven. Abbie and ichabod rush to save her, but they are going to need the help of Sheriff Reyes if their going to save Katrina.

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We chat about the fate of Katrina and her on-going passive role on the show. Our hope is that “Deliverance” will be the end of her captive days and the beginning of Katrina the kick-ass witch that she is supposed to be. This episode also had a good dose of election humor. It’s always nice when a show knows its schedule in advance and can plan episodes like this that are going to air the night before a an event like election day.

Finally, we did get a small bit of Irving and no Jenny Mills this episode. Let’s hope for some real focus on those two in the upcoming episodes.