It’s a double-bill for our Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD podcast of episodes 4 and 5, “Face My Enemy” and “A Hen in the Wolf House”. Director Coulson joins Agent May in the field as they chase after a painting connected to the mystery symbols he has been carving and Kyle MacLachlan steps up as Skye’s father.

We start with episode 4, “Face My Enemy”. We loved seeing Coulson back in the field, and it was a blast to follow Agent May as she stepped out of her kick-ass boots and into a sequin dress and heels. But that didn’t stop Ming-Na Wen, who played not one, but two version of herself kicking some serious ass.

In episode 5, “A Hen in the Wolf House”, we get our first close look at Kyle MacLachlan as Skye’s anger riddled father. With Raina threatened by Whitehall and Hydra, she is going off-script and changes everyones plans. Skye’s father is showing his darkest colors as he heads off to see Whitehall with the Obelisk and Simmons cover is blown at Hydra.

Lucky for Simmons we have the amazing Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird, ready to help extract our plucky little secret agent. And its looking like they are going to need both of their help as SHIELD continues to face dangerous times.