Director Coulson and the remnants of SHIELD have been trying to rebuild not just their teams, but their reputation, and this weeks episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Fractured House”, has Hydra placing them all in danger when an attack on the UN puts the blame on SHIELD. Sociopathic Hydra prisoner and former SHIELD buddy Grant Ward might be stuck in Coulson’s basement, but his brother is a powerful Senator, and now he’s going after SHIELD.

This was another great episode on this vastly improved show and we both loved the focus on Brett Dalton’s Ward. His turn from milquetoast SHIELD agent to menacing Hydra villain has been a blast. His cell-side chats with Skye have brought out the best in Chloe Bennet.

We also loved seeing a new Whiplash leading the Hydra strike teams. The razor whip fight scene with Ming-Na-Wen’s Agent May was a great matchup as she leapt and twisted over his whip while he spun around. This season has done a great job with cool and exciting villains and its a vast improvement over last season.