We chat about Episode 3 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Making Friends and Influencing People”, recapping Coulson and the gang as we finally find out where Simmons has been. She cross paths with the team when Donnie Gill, The Blizzard, arrives with a serious grudge. There were also some real fireworks when Fitz finally confronts Ward face to face.

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This week we finally found out where Jemma Simmons has been. No, she did not simply run away from the damaged Fitz, but instead she is deep undercover at Hydra. We both loved the introduction where she walked to work like Mary Tyler Moore. It was great to see her out from under the constraints of SHIELD. She shined in the office as expected, but also while under interrogation and out in the field.

The villain this week was Donnie Gill, who we saw last season at SHIELD Academy. The visuals were terrific again as we saw Donnie become The Blizzard in all but costume. He was also a clear villain with quite a few harsh murders.

Finally, we were in awe of the great confrontation between Fitz and Ward. We had more great music, and the tension in the scene was cranked up to 11. Perhaps this is the first step on the road to recovery for Fitzy? We hope so.