We chat about Episode 2 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Heavy is the Head, covering Coulson and the gang as they continue their fight against Hydra and The Absorbing Man.

Episode 2 of Agents of SHIELD was a strong entry following the premier. The show seems to have found its footing as Heavy is the Head picked up right where last week left of; Isabella Hartley lying in the wreckage of the truck as Lance Hunter realizes what has just happened. We both enjoyed what seemed more like a two part premier with Coulson and the remaining crew continuing their hunt for Carl Creel, The Absorbing Man.

Alongside the chase for Absorbing Man, we also liked the development of Fitz and Mack, a more complex relationship between the two. Fitz is more damaged than I thought after last weeks episode, but Mack has a way of getting to Fitz while Simmons is off getting ready for Episode 3.

And finally, they built on the larger mystery of last season with Coulson and Skye. We get a closer look at the strange, alien-like symbols with the help of Agent Maye. We see Reyna return in her flower dress, and find she has a connection to a new face, Kyle MacLachlan, who might be related to a certain plucky new field agent as well as having connections to those mysterious symbols.