Hail Hydra! We’re chatting about the Season 2 premier of Agents of SHIELD, covering Coulson and the crew as they try to rebuild SHIELD from its once glorious days.


Season 1 of (Marvels!) Agents of SHEILD had its ups and downs after a much hyped start, but lost its footing after the first few episodes. The writers seemed hog-tied by the impending tie-in with Captain America 2, delaying their storyline and treading water for much of the middle season. Yet, there was some real hope as the season closed with the reveal of Hydra and the betrayal of Ward. Hopes were high for a continuation of those last few episodes.

In Season 2 we open with a diminished team looking to rebuild SHIELD. Coulson is struggling with his meager resources as he and the team have a new thorn in their side with General Talbot, who doesn’t give any slack to those in SHIELD after the Hydra betrayal. But the team has more to deal with when they come across Absorbing Man, who is not only really tough, but also looks great on screen. Coulson and the team are joined by Isabella Hartley, guest star Lucy Lawless, as they go on a “make or break” mission to recover a dangerous 084.