Welcome to Hero Cast, we are a few friends carving out a little spot in the ether to chat about our favorite TV shows, from Fantasy to Horror, Science Fiction to Superheroes, Fairy tales and more.

Some of our favorite shows include Sleepy Hollow, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, Arrow, Person of Interest, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time … and really anything that has that little extra, be it a cape, a wand or a magic slipper.

We will be producing podcast recaps of our favorite genre TV shows, starting with Sleepy Hollow and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

In addition to the podcasts we will be recapping some shows with old fashion digital words. We will also be posting some news items we find especially insightful or fun, but our objective is to focus on original content.

Future adventures include YouTube videos, live casting, infographics, and whatever we might think is fun.


Contact us through our website here at HerocastRecaps.com or through any of these links.

We are most active on Twitter, @herocastrecaps.


Podcast theme music via Creative Commons, Destination, by Anitek @ FMA.

Podcast theme music via Creative Commons, Them Never Love No Bans, by Hot Fire @ FMA.

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